Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vehicles

What size are the vehicles and is it large enough for my family and our luggage?

You can choose the size of your vehicle when booking online. The largest of our vehicles holds 8 passengers with plenty of room for luggage and a few pairs of skis.

I have a baby aged 3 months, do you have a seat to accommodate her?

We have four different categories of brand new seats this winter. Choose from 0-12 months, 1-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs and boosters for 6+ yrs. These can be selected, free of charge, when booking online

What happens if it dumps with snow on the day we are travelling, will we get to or from the airport in good time?

Our vehicles are fully equipped with 4x4 and winter tyres. This usually does the trick to get you from A to B safely. We also have snow chains, and drivers that are experienced in using them, inside every vehicle should conditions get treacherous. Of course journeys may take a little longer in adverse conditions, so we will contact you to bring departure pick-up times forward to allow for this.

At the Airport

Where will we meet our driver?

Your driver will be waiting inside the arrivals hall looking very smart in our Snowlinx uniform and holding a Snowlinx sign with your name on it. It couldn’t be easier!

How far do we have to walk to the vehicle?

We use the car park directly underneath the arrivals hall so that you don’t need to walk miles to the vehicle.

What if our flight is delayed?

We will closely monitor your flight via means of the internet and useful apps. So whatever time you land (late or early) your driver will be there waiting for you

The Transfer

How long is the transfer?

Geneva to The Three Valleys takes 2.0 - 2.5 hrs.

Lyon to The Three Valleys takes 2.0 – 2.5 hrs.

Chambery to The Three Valleys takes 1.0 - 1.5 hrs

Will my driver take the Annecy route or the motorway from Geneva to The Three Valleys?

We take the shorter route (by distance) through the beautiful town of Annecy and past it’s world renowned lake. This route uses a lot less toll road and is therefore more cost effective for you the customer, not to mention the fact that the scenery is outstanding. You may, if you wish, request to travel via the toll road all the way. However, you will incur extra charges.

Can we stop along the way?

Of course! If you need to stop along the way for whatever reason, be it for the toilet, for a snack or a leg stretch then feel free. We always factor a little time for this. If you want to stop for a considerable break like lunch or shopping, then let us know in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate this

What if I am prone to travel sickness?

Our drivers are briefed and trained in how to drive for the comfort of our passengers. This driving style goes a long way towards preventing travel sickness. However, we realise that sometimes there’s just no stopping mother nature. So if the worst does happen then we have all the equipment on-board to deal with it.

Have Further Questions?

Please phone us on +33635372823 or email us

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